My 2017 Fringe Picks

All the cool kids are making a Top 10 List so here’s mine. The 10 Shows I’d Be Most Excited to See If I Were Actually In Town For Fringe. Check them out and report back to me!

  • Confederemix: Fun fact – Sandy Gibson was my Fringe Crush back when he did Portable #4. It’s true! And Kevin Reid was my Fringe Crush back when he did Hannah and George. The rest of the cast are superstar up-and-comers in the musical theater scene, so be prepared to be blown away by all the talent up on stage. This is a parody musical about Canadian history that promises to be entertaining and educational. What better way to start the 150 celebrations?
  • Dog Sees God: Fun fact – If I was in town this year, I’d have been in this show. We sold out our limited two-show run at Live on Elgin back in September and I know the gang has been hard at work upping the ante since March. I’d be hard-pressed to put together a better cast and this little show deserves all the support you can give it. Plus, the script will make you think, laugh, cry, and absolutely break your heart. That’s what you want from a Fringe show, right?
  • Luna: Vanessa Quesnelle is half of a Fringe power-couple (the other half being Martin Dockery). She tends to be the quieter half (who can keep up with Martin’s energy?!?) but that doesn’t mean she can’t pack a punch. In fact, I’d dare say she was the driving force behind their hit Moonlight After Midnight (Fun fact – I still can’t listen to “Walking After Midnight” without hearing her voice). I’m intrigued by her one-woman show which promises to be “otherworldly trip of darkness and delight” in a “strange and shadowy world”.
  • AL Connors DJ Detective: Local improvisation legend and Company of Fools alum AL Connors is entertaining as all get out – I absolutely trust him at the helm of any comedy. As soon as I saw this title, I was hooked. This is a comedy that’s also an informative show about how to be a great DJ, which is something I can’t even imagine doing. Reading the crowd? Seguing from one hit to another? I do not have those skills but want to learn more. Count me in!
  • Delirium: The aforementioned power-couple-half Martin Dockery is back because it wouldn’t be Fringe without him. The CBC calls him “a master storyteller” and I call that a gross understatement. His mile-a-minute, frenetic, true-life tales are always a highlight (or at least a safe bet) and I love that he’s managed to make Live on Elgin a venue this year. If you miss Delirium, what are you even doing this Fringe?!?
  • Rhythm and Burgundy The Comeback Tour: These local ladies are ones to watch for. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they made it out to Just for Laughs in a year or so. Check them out now so you can say “I saw them when…” Make it a double-bill with Delirium and you’re guaranteed a fabulous night out. I mean, the last time I saw these ladies perform, I cried and pissed myself laughing so hard. True story. My only regret is that they don’t have merchandise or an album I can buy.
  • Rough Magic: You had me at aerials. Okay, I’ll admit: I’m a sucker for circus. Plus, you take my two favorite characters from The Tempest (okay, I’ll admit, they’re not my favorites) and put them together into something new, you have my attention. But basically I’m just here for the acrobatic tricks.
  • Who, Me: You had me at Doctor Who. Okay, I’ll admit: I’m just here for the marketing (and possible David Tennant Look-Alike). But you know what, that’s as legitimate a reason to go to a show as any other. Fringe is all about getting people in the door, whether by a catchy title, flashy poster, banking on your name, a suave elevator pitch, whatever gets the job done. And Rob Lloyd got the job done!
  • The Sink: I missed this show the first time and regretted it dearly. While I think it’s probably best suited to its original venue over this one, I’ve learned to take the second chances I can get. And why was I intrigued the first time? Because Nick Wade is gorgeous great and I like the idea of a working man’s spoken word show. But mostly the first one. I mean… rhythms and rhymes and stuff, yea… that’s it.
  • What else? It’s hard to narrow it down to one last choice!
  • Should I go see the ” Eight Raccoon Kings of Great Garbage Land” in Unbridled Futurism?
  • Or do I go hard in musical theater (of course I do!) and check out the all-star cast of The Sellout?
  • Should I check out The Inventor Of All Things – I’ve seen it before but man, it was goo-oooo-ooooooo-od!
  • Or am I intrigued enough by The Illiad for Dummies to give that a chance?
  • Which domestic drama do I investigate: The Home Show or House Show?
  • Am I brave enough to check out the male version of my own show Crushed (i.e. The Chronic Singles Handbook)?
  • Do I have the attention span to truly invest in and enjoy The ADHD Project?
  • What about Szeretlek? I do like impratical hats and masks…
  • Fish Saw is getting a ridiculous amount of curious buzz.

The solution might just be to check out the Preview Night performances and get a glimpse of the energy, style, and passions of some of the festival’s creators. But at the end of the day, almost anything you see at The Fringe should be worth your time, money, and energy so check out whatever your little heart desires. Happy Fringe!

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